Camera Packages:  (3-day Week Available on any)

Super 8mm:

Super 8mm Sanyo Sound 500 - $65/day​

Other Production Gear:

- Super 8mm Underwater housing for Kodak XL Camera - $50/day
- Bogen 503 Tripod  - $30/day
- Rode NTG3 Shotgun mic w/ coiled boom pole - $75/day
- Digital Audio recorder & analog slate - $125/day
- basic 2-light Lowel light Kit - $50/day
- Matthews Doorway Dolly - $75/day

Deposit Required for first time renters.
Rentals only available for pick up in the North Texas area. No shipping.

Gear Rentals

Beaulieu 4008 ZM2 - $75/day.

Includes external battery pack. up to 70FPS, Manual Iris, Manual ISO Settings Specs Here

Super 16mm:

16mm Elmo 16-CL - $90/day​


Aaton LTR7 - $300/day.

Includes 3 400ft Mags, 3 Batteries, Angeniuex 17-70mm lens (covers S16 at 20-70mm), also includes 4x3 B&W Video tap

Aaton LTR manual here

Nizo 801 Macro  - $45/ day. 

Runs on AA Batteries, variable Shutter, time Lapse Functions, in-camera dissolves, macro mode.
Specs here​